andaz charity art sale

dec 2020

children's hospice

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artworks of oh_pardon and munich based collective

ageing furniture that tells multiple stories at once. found in households of consolidated characters, hand-painted by urban artists.

While some are even still very functional, others passed their zenith to relive as one-of-a-kind 3D art objetcs that attract attention in its surroundings.

two good causes at once.

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Part of the donated money goes to Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München . a institution that helps children and young people who are not expected to reach adulthood with the emotional and physical challenges they face, and also to provide respite care for their families.

Jan Rosenthal, co-founder of oh_pardon, former bundesliga soccerplayer

Sebastian von Zeberg, co-founder oh_pardon, multidisciplinary artist, entrepreneur

the other part helps art collectives oh_pardon and to keep up their art & cultural activities in these tough years due to the panedmic. They run 100% free-to-use art spaces and galleries to connect (mostly undiscovered) artists to audience, customers and likeminded people.

Fillin Guas, co-founder, graffiti & contemporary artist

broke today gallery, kaufingertor munich